Internet Safety

On this information page you will find links to information for parents to help with child health and safety in the digital world

1. Parenting in the digital world - a video from


2. Protecting your identity on Facebook : tips for parents

Kedgley Music Centre


After school music department of Kedgley Intermediate School offering affordable music tuition to children age 7 to Year 8.

Classes are held in the Music Centre (building adjacent to reception) at Kedgley Intermediate School.  They run after school on week days, during term time only.  Students are taught in small groups for half hour lessons.




We are a Travelwise school.

Travelwise aims to improve road safety and reduce the number of vehicles driving to and from school at peak times.

Visit the Travelwise website to find out more.





  • Black shorts
  • Polo shirt
  • Fleece jumper
  • P.E shirt
  • P.E shorts
  • Long black cargo pants
  • Plain black socks
  • Plain black shoes
  • Kedgley jacket
  • Kedgley sun hat (compulsory)
  • Kedgley winter beanie (optional) 


  • Black skort or black skirt or black shorts
  • Polo shirt
  • Fleece jumper
  • P.E shirt
  • P.E shorts

Behaviour Policy

Kedgley Intermediate School recognises that students learn best in a safe and supportive learning environment. To do this we encourage, both with students and staff, high expectations and consistency with behaviour expectations. We believe students and staff need to be responsible for their own actions and show respect for others, the property of others and for the environment.

As we are a POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR FOR LEARNING School we believe that: