The following classes have pōwhiri during Te Reo Māori this Wednesday 1st March 2017:

Rooms 12&16 Block 3 12:05-1:05pm

Rooms 13&7 Block 4 2-3pm

You are welcome to come and participate. We conclude the ceremony with a shared meal and invite students to bring something small for a shared meal. If you are unable to do so, that is fine. 

Ngā mihi,

Whaea Ang & Whaea Tina

Maths Trick- How do they predict your number?

The Cook Island girls were showing the Year 7 students a maths trick and the students had to discuss how do the girls predict their chosen number? There is a a strategy but can you explain how the girls predict the number.

A message from the MST learning centre

Message from MST


Kupu Hou - Ko wai au?

ngā mātua

matua / pāpā

whaea / māmā / kōka

ngā mātua tipuna

koroua / koro


tuakana / teina / tungāne / tuahine

matua kēkē

whaea kēkē

māmā whakaangi

pāpā whakaangi


















Ka huri - waiata

Ka huri taku reo

Ki te hiku o te ika

Ki te hiku o te rangi

Ki runga rawa e

E koro, e kuia

E tama, e hine

Ka huri mai, whakarongo mai!


This week we are learning that fractions are equal parts of a whole. We were being creative with our designs and geometry by using fractions to make whole shapes and designs. All of our shapes had to have equal parts to create. Here are some of our creations. 






Budgeting- Financial Capabilities

As part of our financial capabilities programme this week, we were learning shopping online for the family with a budget. We had to think about what are the necessitities that we buy as a family and see how much it costs.

We created our shopping lists and investigated the best deals/ special offers for the items  we wanted. 

We estimated how much our total shopping list would cost by rounding to the nearest dollar before we calculated the accurate amount. 

Financial Capabilities

This week in our mathematics lessons, we were developing our skills in financial capabilities. We had to learn about the importance of financial responsibilities and how to budget. Check out the video....

How can we, as parents, support our child's learning in money and financial capabilities?

1. Teach your child how to budget. It is a skill that they will use for life. 

2. Get them to calculate what will the cost be for the items they want to purchase (without using their phones) 

Cultural Clocks- Identity

This term, we have been focusing on identity as the big ideas. But how does mathematics relate to our cultures. One of the main aspects of mathematics is geometry. Pasifika and other cultures are enriched with patterns, shapes and designs through their tapas tattoos etc. This week the students were learning about tessellation, rotational symmetry, lines of symmetry, translation and shapes. 

The task involved numbers, fractions, angles, geometry and measuring of time. The students loved demonstrating their cultures through art. 

Collaboration in the classroom


So it has been a crazy Term 1! Loads of learning and a huge fun learning in mathematics. In the next few weeks, you will see regular updates and new ideas of mathematical learning. This week Room 23 MST students became peer mentors to their classmates. The students were focusing on mathematical language of product, factors and prime numbers. 

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