Behaviour Policy

Kedgley Intermediate School recognises that students learn best in a safe and supportive learning environment. To do this we encourage, both with students and staff, high expectations and consistency with behaviour expectations. We believe students and staff need to be responsible for their own actions and show respect for others, the property of others and for the environment.

As we are a POSITIVE BEHAVIOUR FOR LEARNING School we believe that:

a. positive acknowledgement for adherence to Expectations and routines happens more frequently than corrective comment for inappopriate behaviour.

b. students should be REMINDED, RETAUGHT and/or REDIRECTED prior to being given a consequence for inappropriate behaviours. 


Expectations are our main set of explicit principles governing conduct and/or procedures. They are:


Kedgley Intermediate's Matrix is an extension of our Expectations to address specific settings, where data has shown more in-depth teaching is required.



Values are deeply held beliefs about what is important and desirable. At Kedgley Intermediate every interaction that takes place will reflect these community agreed Values.  They are:


We believe that students should have many opportunities to gain rewards given in recognition for effort, achivement and service. Kedgley Intermediate promotes a variety of rewards that motivates the individual student, class and team rewards that encourages unity. Student voice is encouraged on a regular basis to maintain student interest.